Forged aluminum wheels hub weight is only equivalent to 1/2 of steel wheel hub, 3/4 of  Casting Aluminum one.
Nice  Appearance
The appearance design of forged aluminum alloy wheel hub can be customized, that to  combined with the model, the wheels, also with more options, such as personalized.
Oil consumption reduction
Due to the vehicle weight is less after forged aluminum wheels installation, and the wheel rotational inertia will be decreased, so the vehicle acceleration performance will be improved, and the braking energy demand will be reduced, also the oil consumption, additionally with the specific air flow and rolling resistance , at least 2 liters oil can be saved per hundred kilometers, that has been approved by one hundred kilometers test.
The heat transfer coefficient of the aluminum alloy is 3 times of the iron, so it is very easy to dissipate the heat come from the tire and the chassis into the air, even in the case of  high-speed for long-distance or brake continuously in downhill, it help to keep the car in the proper temperature. It can’t only make the tire and brake slowly, but also can reduce the burst rate.
after installation of the foged wheel hubs,you direction and  smoother running when driving,due to the hubs properties,thus to improve the driving comfort.
Shock resistance
In theJapanese JWL test simulation testing,a truck is drive to a stone at roadside in speed of over 50 kilometer per hour,it is equivalent to a object weights 910 killograms is crashed into the tires and  wheels from high place.the testing result from magnesium aluminum forging technology center according Japanese standard  forged wheels is slightly damaged, ironwheel is seriouly damage . The cast ing aluminum  wheel is breaken nto two parts.
Low fetal weight loss
Forging aluminum wheel are less deformaed, faster heat dissipation (temperature is 20-30 degrees lower campare with iron wheel when driving ), it protects suspension system  better phe tire is greatly reduced.


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